Who We Are and What We're About


True and Beautiful Photography. For all.

Show and Tell Photography is performed by me, Wayne Grayson, with the help of my wife, Brianna. Together, we're building a photography business in Dothan, Alabama, that we hope can reach people of all backgrounds and walks of life, and empower them to proudly tell their stories.

I was trained and have worked as a journalist—as a storyteller—for the last 10 years. So I take photos deliberately, always looking for a story to tell with each click of the shutter. Because good photographs have depth to them. They’re flat things that help you feel a setting—a place, a conversation, a laugh—in three dimensions. At Show & Tell, we create photos that have depth capable of reanimating memories and preserving those that have passed us by.

I focus on framing moments of connection between people. To do this, we employ a candid, documentary style of photography that strives for both beauty and truth. We don't try to control moments or direct people where to go or how to smile. But we do a lot of listening, and we do our best to create an ongoing conversation with clients to ensure that our work tells their story accurately.

In all of our work at Show & Tell, we're working to the core of each moment and shooting outward from there.